Introducing AAIM


AAIM is made up of individuals who formerly comprised the board formed under the Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE) known as South East Asian Australian Ministries, or SEAAM, (two of whom were charter members 14 years ago). The entire board voted to withdraw from the CRE because of its inability to take a stand and its continued willingness to work with JCRB priesthood in the mission field.

AAIM’s membership is comprised of fundamental restoration priesthood committed to adhering to the scriptures and the original doctrine and tenets of the early RLDS Church, unsullied by the doctrines and precepts of men. Each board member desires “…that the fullness of my Gospel might be proclaimed by the weak and the simple, unto the ends of the world…” (Doctrine and Covenants 1:4e). Current members are:
– Elder Dan Brotherton (South Crysler Restoration Branch)
– Elder Roger Graybill (Waldo Restoration Branch)
– Elder Skip Robison (South Crysler Restoration Branch)
–  Elder Frank VanFleet (South Crysler Restoration Branch)
– Elder Mike Vick (Kingsville Restoration Branch)

We are entering into our fourth year of missionary work in the Philippines which now has five Restoration Branches and 11 missions, 7 priesthood and 900 plus members. We’ve had two national conferences and have two members of AAIM on their nine member Board of Trustees. Our stated purpose (mission) and responsibility is to bring the fullness of the gospel to the people of South East Asia (as well as Australia) , and to assist them in any way that we have the means and the opportunity and by any other actions to promote Christ’s work on earth.

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We have adhered to that purpose and have not allowed ourselves to be distracted by those who want to compete and thus cause confusion and division. We are prayerful and careful in administering the ordinances so that we do not change them and thus invalidate them. We are also prayerful and careful in calling and ordaining men to priesthood so that we are sure these calls are of the Lord and not of men.

We pledge to be transparent and accountable to our contributors making sure funds are spent in the way designated by the giver. We look forward with eager anticipation to continuing the Lord’s work in this our area of responsibility.

– Elder Frank VanFleet, Chairman


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